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人教版高中英语听力材料及答案 快收藏起来





(Text 1)

M: Your son plays the violin beautifully. Does he want to become a musician?

W: No, he wants to study law. Playing the violin is his hobby.

(Text 2)

W: Do you think we’ll be able to see the game clearly?

M: Don’t worry. There’s a good view of the players from all of the seats.

(Text 3)

W: My hand still hurts from falling on the ice yesterday. I wonder if I broke something.

M: I’m not a doctor, but it’s not black and blue or anything. Maybe you just need to rest it for a few days.

(Text 4)

W: I wonder if Jack will be here by 8:00 o’clock. He is supposed to be.

M: His mother said he left at 7:30, so he should be here by 8:15 at the latest.

(Text 5)

M: I really enjoyed that TV program about whales last night. Did you get home in time to see it?

W: Oh, yes. But I wish I could have stayed awake long enough to see the whole thing.

(Text 6)

W: I will give up! I simply can’t learn Japanese!

M: Why do you say that? I think you’re making a lot of progress.

W: No, I’m not. I try and try, and I still can’t speak it very well.

M: Learning any language takes a lot of effort. But don’t give up. Why don’t we practise those dialogues together?

W: Good idea. That just might help.

(Text 7)

W: When I got home last night, I found a letter from students at the school I used to go to. They want me to go back and talk to them.

M: Oh, really? And are you going?

W: I don’t know. I used to hate school, so I don’t want to go back very much.

M: But it’s different now.

W: Yes, I know. But it’s still a difficult decision. You see, when I was at school I used to be a rebel and none of the teachers used to like me very much.

M: Well, I think you should go. When I was younger, I used to dream about meeting a famous pop star. You can’t disappoint them.

W: You’re right. OK. I will go.

(Text 8)

M: Okay, we can go to see the movie Saving the Planet at the Rock. What time does it start?

W: Eight.

M: So we can be back about 10:30, right?

W: No. It doesn’t end until 11.

M: I can’t sit in the movies so long!

W: Well, then, what do you want to see?

M: Shakespeare in Love is at the Regal and Twister at the Royal. Shakespeare in Love starts at 7:45 and it ends at 9:00.

W: Okay, okay. Let’s go to see Shakespeare in Love. I can see Saving the Planet with my friend Barbara later.

M: What are we going to do after the movie?

W: We can go swimming and bowling.

(Text 9)

M: I talked to my great-grandmother on the phone this morning.

W: Your great-grandmother? Do you talk with her often?

M: I try to call her at least once a week. She’s a really wonderful woman. She’s over 85. I enjoy talking to her, because she is so understanding, and because she gives me good advice.

W: What advice did she give you today?

M: She told me to be careful because a big storm is coming.

W: She said that a big storm is coming? Is she a weather forecaster?

M: Not exactly. She said that she could feel it in her bones when the storm is coming. I know it sounds funny, but when she feels it, she is usually right.

W: That’s not actually so funny. When people get older, they probably have some pain in their joints from decreasing air pressure just before a storm.

M: Then I’d better pay more attention to my great-grandmother’s weather forecast.

(Text 10)

Hi, kids:

It’s Friday again, so I won’t be home from work until 9:15. Dinner is in the refrigerator. Peggy, you can heat up the soup and make the salad. Suzy, you can set the table. Billy and Jack, I want you to clean the table, wash the dishes, and put them away. Peggy, please clean the bathroom.

Jack, you know how to use the cleaner, would you please do the floors?

And you, Billy, please clean up the mess in the basement. I don’t know what you were doing down there, but you left tools all over the place. And Suzy, you can help Billy sweep.

Dad will be home around 6:30. Why don’t you have dinner ready by then? OK,kids! Enjoy your dinner. Oh, yes, you can have the chocolate cake. But please leave a little piece for your hard-working mother.


1-5 AACBA 6-10 BBBCB

11-15 AABBB 16-20 ACABA

21-25 CBDAB 26-30 CDCAC

31-35 CACDB 36-40 BADBD

41-45 CAABD 46-50 ACDCB

51-55 CBCDC 56-60 CDABD

61. It was a school for young girls.

62. When she taught Sunday school in a prison, she got to know the mistreatment of insane people.

63. Her work with the insane was interrupted because of the Civil War.










你要想听懂他们说话,你得先知道什么是句子重读,什么是连读略读吞音,掌握单词重读才会学会自然拼读,也就是人家说一个单词,即使你没听过也能立马把它写个大概,遇到一个陌生的单词你也能将它读出来。你要不懂这些发音说话方式,你会连老外说一句What are you going to do?你都听不懂,因为人家不是一个单词一个单词读出来的成一个句子,人家的读法是这样的:Wha cha gonna do ?如果您还想学习更多关于英语听力方面的内容,可上我们听力课堂官网学习哦。


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