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The answer? Fewer coffee beans, ground more coarsely, and less water use. 然而,来自四个国家的一个多学科团队在《Matter》杂志上发表的一项研究已经使用数学模型来帮助生产更一致的意式浓缩咖啡。答案是什ä¹?咖啡豆越少,研磨越粗糙,用水量越少ã€? As Dr Jamie Foster, a mathematician from the University of Portsmouth and co-author of the research, explained: “The conventional wisdom is that if you want a stronger cup of coffee, you should grind your coffee finer. This makes sense because the finer the grounds mean that more surface area of coffee bean is exposed to water, which should mean a stronger coffee.” 正如朴茨茅斯大学数学家、该研究的合著者杰ç±?bull;福斯特博士所解释的那æ ?“传统观点认为,如果你想要更浓的咖啡,就应该把咖啡磨得更细ã€?rdquo;这是有道理的,因为咖啡渣越细,咖啡豆接触到水的面积就越大,这就意味着咖啡越浓ã€?rdquo; Dr Jamie Foster, co-author of the paper, wanted to challenge the "common espresso wisdom". University of Portsmouth Not only are coffee beans ground finely, but current brewing techniques rely on a relatively large mass of coffee beans, around 20 grams (0.7 ounces), to make an espresso shot. 不仅咖啡豆磨得很细,现在的冲泡技术也需要大量的咖啡豆,大约20å…?0.7盎司),才能做出一杯浓咖啡ã€? In practice, the team found that this method resulted in clogging of the coffee bed – what you find in the basket of an espresso machine – inhibiting the water’s passage. This spells bad news for a multitude of reasons. The amount of coffee dissolved in the water (extraction yield) is reduced, leading to a waste of raw material and a variation in taste. 在实践中,研究小组发现,这种方法会导致咖啡床堵塞——就像你在咖啡机的篮子里发现的那样——抑制水的流动。从多方面来看,这都是坏消息。咖啡在水中的溶解量(萃取çŽ?降低,导致原料的浪费和口味的变化ã€? To find a solution, the team started by creating a mathematical model for a single grain of coffee. The extraction yield for the whole brew relies on modeling the extraction of millions of individual grains, which are placed irregularly on the coffee bed. Add to that the variability in the water pressure as it flows through the coffee, and the team had a real problem on their hands. 为了找到解决方案,团队首先为一粒咖啡创建数学模型。整个咖啡的萃取率依赖于对数百万粒单独谷物的建模,这些谷物被不规则地放置在咖啡床上。再加上流经咖啡的水压的可变性,团队面临着一个真正的问题ã€? In fact, Foster remarked that “you would need more computing power than Google has to accurately solve the physics and transport equations of brewing on a geometry as intricate as a coffee bed.” To simplify the equations, the researchers borrowed modeling methodologies from electrochemistry. Likening how caffeine dissolves out of coffee beans to how lithium ions are transported between the electrodes of a battery proved successful for the team. 事实上,福斯特评论道:“你需要比谷歌更强大的计算能力来精确地解决在像咖啡床一样复杂的几何图形上酿酒的物理和运输方程ã€?rdquo;为了简化方程式,研究人员借用了电化学中的建模方法。将咖啡因如何从咖啡豆中溶解出来比作锂离子如何在电池的电极之间运输,这个研究小组被证明是成功的ã€? Coupling the maths with many shots of espresso, the researchers reached their conclusion. “One way to optimize extraction and achieve reproducibility is to grind coarser and use a little less water, while another is to simply reduce the mass of coffee," said Dr Chris Hendon (aka Dr Coffee), a computational chemist at the University of Oregon and co-author of the paper. 把数学和许多杯浓缩咖啡结合起来,研究人员得出了他们的结论。俄勒冈大学的计算化学家克里æ–?middot;亨登博士(又名咖啡博士)是这篇论文的合著者,他说:“优化提取并实现重现性的一种方法是磨出更粗的咖啡,用更少的水,而另一种方法是简单地减少咖啡的质量ã€?rdquo; The team's espresso method for success. Cameron et al. 2020/Matter When the findings were put into practice at a small US coffee shop, the new recipe was found to save them thousands of dollars every year. If applied to the whole of the US coffee industry, the total savings could stand at $1.1 billion each year. 当研究结果在美国一家小咖啡店付诸实践时,人们发现这种新配方每年能为他们节省数千美元。如果应用于整个美国咖啡行业,每年可节省11亿美元ã€? “A good espresso beverage can be made in a multitude of ways,” Hendon concluded. “The point of this paper was to give people a map for making an espresso beverage that they like and then be able to make it 100 times in a row.” “一杯好的浓缩咖啡有很多种制作方法,”亨登总结道ã€?ldquo;这篇论文的目的是给人们提供一张制作他们喜欢的浓缩咖啡饮料的地图,然后让他们能够连续制ä½?00份ã€?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>听美剧学英语- 破产姐妹第一å­?ç¬?64æœ?尴尬收场 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-9878-465739-1.html 听美剧学英语- 破产姐妹第一å­?ç¬?63æœ?不是洁食的蛋ç³?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-9878-465738-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  That's my boy, that's my boy, hey, Hey, ho. Oh, there he go! 瞧我兄弟,瞧我兄弟。厉害啊 That's what's up, hooker. 小爷就是这么牛逼,淫娃 First of all, you just scuffed his mother's freshly-waxed floor 首先,你刚把他妈妈刚打蜡的地板给磨掉äº? and secondly, you may think throwing away your family traditions is cool now, 其次,你现在可能觉得无视家族传统很酷 but in life, bad things can happen. 但若干年后,报应会来çš? And one day, when you find yourself penniless and sick, you'll need your nice Jewish family 某天,当你发现自己身无分文,疾病缠身时,你会想念你善良的犹太家人 and you'll call them three times and they won't answer the phone no matter how much you need antibiotics. 然而你电话打再多,他们也不会理你,才不管你病得多重多需要抗生素 Damn, boo, I stopped listening after you said freshly-waxed. Playa! 宝贝啊,你说åˆ?quot;刚除毛的..."小王就没在听了。妙å•? Max, I'm giving you some amoxicillin for you to take home. 麦克斯,我开了些阿莫西林,让你带回家å? Now take it all, even when you start feeling better. 乖乖把药都吃完。好转了也得持续å? Yes, Dr. Anshell. 是的,安舍尔医生 Look what I brought. Sweets for the sweets. 看我拿什么来了。给甜心们的甜点 Uh, wait, wait, wait, before you eat those, remember how I said I might not be Jewish? 稍等一下,吃之前我有话要说,我不是说我可能不是犹太人吗 Yes. Those might not be kosher. 是啊。它们也可能不是洁食 What are you saying? 你说什么呢 I'm saying they're not kosher. 那些不是洁食 What is she saying? Not kosher! What? Not kosher! Spit it out, ma! Spit it out! 她说啥呢?不是洁食!什么?不是洁食!妈,快吐出来,快吐出来 Just a minute, it tastes so good. 再等一下,这太好吃äº?     英语口语 ]]></description> </item><item><title>四分之一人生的危机就像Twitter上的语言一æ ?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-138-465737-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[What A Quarter-Life Crisis May Look Like As Language On Twitter 四分之一人生的危机就像Twitter上的语言一æ ? Existential fear, unfulfilled expectations, and a sense of regret can do strange things to a person, although the good news is that you no longer have to wait until your forties to have a wobble, as the quarter-life crisis (QLC) is now a thing. Rather than running off with the circus or taking up base jumping, however, people going through a QLC tend to take out their frustrations by ranting on social media about their confused emotions and career struggles. 存在的恐惧,未实现的期望,以及后悔感会对一个人产生奇怪的影响,尽管好消息是你不再需要等到四十多岁才会摇摆不定,因为四分之一人生危机(QLC)现在已经成为了一件事。然而,参加QLC考试的人往往会通过在社交媒体上表达他们困惑的情绪和职业斗争来发泄他们的沮丧情绪,而不是去看马戏或从事定点跳伞ã€? Ben Taub A new study in the journal Frontiers in Psychology helps to build a picture of exactly what it feels like to go undergo a crisis in early adulthood, by analyzing 1.5 million tweets by over 1,400 people aged 18 to 30 who have referred to a QLC. 发表在《心理学前沿》杂志上的一项新研究,通过分析年龄åœ?8岁至30岁之间的1400多人发布çš?50万条推文,帮助人们准确地勾勒出成年早期经历危机的感觉。这些推文都提到了QLCã€? Certain themes were found to be particularly prevalent in these Tweets, especially when compared to Tweets written by a second group of people that had not claimed to be experiencing a life crisis. For instance, the word “work” was most strongly associated with the QLC group, as uncertainties and exasperations around employment appeared to play a major role in driving existential insecurity in young adults. 研究发现,某些主题在这些推文中特别普遍,尤其是与第二组没有声称自己经历了生命危机的人所写的推文相比。例如,“工作”这个词与QLC小组联系最紧密,因为就业的不确定性和愤怒似乎在驱动年轻人存在的不安全感方面发挥了重要作用ã€? A heightened use of personal pronouns – such as “I”, “my”, and “me” – was also a strong predictor of QLC. According to the study authors, this was to be expected as previous research has revealed a tendency for excessive focus on the self in people experiencing mental health issues. 人称代词(å¦?ldquo;æˆ?rdquo;ã€?ldquo;我的”å’?ldquo;æˆ?rdquo;)的大量使用也是QLC的一个重要预测因素。根据研究作者的说法,这是意料之中的,因为之前的研究已经揭示了在经历心理健康问题的人有过度关注自我的倾向ã€? Terms relating to the future, such as “tomorrow”, “preparing”, and “anticipating” were much more common among Twitter users who had referred to a QLC, indicating a tendency to worry about what is to come, while comments expressing mixed emotions and a sense of feeling stuck were also strongly associated with QLC. 与未来相关的术语,å¦?ldquo;明天”,“准备”å’?ldquo;预测”在Twitter用户中是更为常见的,称为QLC,表示倾向于担å¿?而表达复杂情绪和感觉被困住的评论也与QLC密切相关ã€? Finally, after reviewing the scientific literature on the subject of early-adulthood crises, the researchers identified 20 terms that they hypothesized would feature more heavily in Tweets made by the QLC group than the control group. 最后,在回顾了有关成年早期危机的科学文献后,研究人员确定了20个术语,他们假设这些术语在QLC组的推文中出现的频率要比对照组高ã€? The authors note limitations to their study, including the fact that the Twitter users may not represent a full range of socioeconomic status groups or may be different from the general population in other ways. They also filtered for English-only tweets, despite cultural origination, which could have introduced cultural confounds in language. 作者指出了他们研究的局限性,包括Twitter用户可能不能代表所有社会经济地位群体,或者在其他方面可能与普通人群不同。他们还过滤了只使用英语的推文,尽管文化起源可能会在语言中引起文化混淆ã€? While experiencing a life crisis is obviously not pleasant, it is also not uncommon, with a recent survey indicating that about 70 percent of British people in their thirties underwent a QLC during their twenties. Fortunately, these lasted an average of one year, which means there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 虽然经历人生危机显然不愉快,但也并不罕见,最近的一项调查显示,大约70%的英国人åœ?0多岁时经历了QLC。幸运的是,这种情况平均持续了一年,这意味着黑暗的尽头总有光明ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>摆脱飞机尾迹可以帮助拯救地球 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-9944-465726-1.html 国际空间站的宇航员们得到了奶酪和彩虹ç³?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-9944-465725-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[ISS astronauts getting delivery of cheese, skittles 国际空间站的宇航员们得到了奶酪和彩虹ç³? A cargo ship rocketed toward the International Space Station on Saturday, carrying candy and cheese to satisfy the astronauts’ cravings. 上周六,一艘运载着糖果和奶酪的货船冲向国际空间站,以满足宇航员们的食欲ã€? Northrop Grumman launched its Cygnus capsule from the Virginia seashore. The nearly 4-ton shipment should arrive at the orbiting lab Tuesday. It took three tries over the past week to get the Antares rocket off the pad, with it finally taking flight at 3:21 pm — an auspicious 3-2-1. 诺斯罗普·æ ¼é²æ›¼å…¬å¸ä»Žå¼—吉尼亚海岸发射äº?ldquo;天鹅åº?rdquo;太空舱。这批近4吨重的货物将于周二抵达轨道实验室。在过去的一周中ï¼?ldquo;安塔瑞斯”火箭试了三次,终于在下午3ç‚?1分起é£?mdash;—一个吉祥的3-2-1ã€? “Awesome launch,” Joel Montalbano, NASA’s deputy space station program manager, said once the capsule reached orbit. “发射棒极了ã€?rdquo;NASA空间站项目副经理乔尔·è’™å¡”尔巴è¯?Joel Montalbano)在太空舱进入轨道后说ã€? Besides the usual experiments and gear, the capsule holds cheddar and manchego cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, chocolate and three kinds of gummy candy expressly requested by the three station astronauts: Skittles, Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike’s. 除了通常的实验和装备外,太空舱还装有切达干酪和曼切戈干酪、新鲜水果和蔬菜、巧克力和三种软糖,这三种软糖是空间站三名宇航员明确要求çš?Skittles糖果、Hot Tamales玉米粉蒸肉和Mike and Ike 's糖果ã€? Periodic supply runs by Russia, Japan and NASA’s two private shippers, Northrop Grumman and SpaceX, usually provide more than experiments, equipment, clothes and freeze-dried meals. The capsules also bring family care packages, as well as fresh food to offset the run-of-the-mill station grub. 俄罗斯、日本和美国国家航空航天局(NASA)的两家私营货运公司诺斯罗æ™?middot;格鲁曼公å?Northrop Grumman)和太空探索技术公å?SpaceX)定期提供补给,通常提供的不只是实验、设备、衣服和冻干食品。胶囊还带来了家庭护理包,以及新鲜的食物,以抵消普通的车站食品ã€? This latest delivery should have arrived well before Valentine’s Day. But last-minute equipment concerns at the Wallops Island launch pad halted last Sunday’s countdown for the Antares rocket, then bad weather moved in. Dangerously high wind scuttled Friday’s attempt. 最近这批货应该早在情人节前就到了。但是,对瓦勒普斯岛发射台最后时刻的设备担忧,导致上周日“安塔瑞斯”火箭的倒计时暂停,随后恶劣的天气来临。危险的大风破坏了星期五的尝试ã€? This was the company’s 13th space station delivery for NASA. The Cygnus capsules get their name from the Swan Constellation. 这是该公司第13次向美国宇航局交付空间站。天鹅座太空舱得名于天鹅星座ã€? This particular Cygnus has been christened the SS Robert H. Lawrence in honor of America’s first black astronaut. Lawrence, an Air Force major, was chosen in 1967 as an astronaut for a classified military space program known as the Manned Orbiting Laboratory. He was killed five months later in a plane crash and never flew in space. 为了纪念美国第一位黑人宇航员,这只特殊的天鹅座被命名为SS Robert H. Lawrence。空军少校劳伦斯äº?967年被选为秘密军事太空计划载人轨道实验室的宇航员ã€?个月后,他在一次飞机失事中丧生,再也没有在太空中飞行过ã€? The space station is now home for Americans Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan and Russian Oleg Skripochka. Morgan has been up there since July and the two others since September; they’ll remain on board until April. Three other astronauts returned to Earth earlier this month. 国际空间站现在是美国人杰西卡·æ¢…尔和安德鲁·æ‘©æ ¹ä»¥åŠä¿„罗斯人奥列æ ?middot;斯克里波奇卡的家。摩根从7月就在那儿了,另外两个从9月就在那儿了;他们将在船上一直呆到四月。本月早些时候,另外三名宇航员返回了地球ã€? Until astronaut launches resume from Florida — possibly by SpaceX this spring — the station crew will be limited in size to three. NASA astronauts now launch on Russian rockets from Kazakhstan. 在佛罗里达州(可能是今年春天由SpaceX公司发射)恢复宇航员发射之前,空间站的工作人员将被限制在三人以内。美国国家航空航天局的宇航员现在从哈萨克斯坦用俄罗斯火箭发射ã€? Boeing, NASA’s other commercial crew provider, is struggling with software problems in its astronaut capsule. A December test flight was marred by coding errors. 美国国家航空航天局的另一家商用机组人员供应商波音公司正在为其太空舱的软件问题而苦苦挣扎。去å¹?2月的一次试飞因编码错误而受到影响ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>联合国表示,核查南极洲的高温记录将需要数月时é—?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-9944-465724-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[UN says it will take months to verify high temp records in Antarctica 联合国表示,核查南极洲的高温记录将需要数月时é—? Record high temperatures reportedly measured in Antarctica will take months to verify, the UN weather agency said Sunday. 联合国气象机构周日表示,据报道在南极洲测量到的创纪录高温需要几个月的时间来验证ã€? A spokesman for the World Meteorological Organization said the measurements made by researchers from Argentina and Brazil earlier this month have to undergo a formal process to ensure that they meet international standards. 世界气象组织的一位发言人说,本月早些时候来自阿根廷和巴西的研究人员进行的测量必须经过正式程序,以确保它们符合国际标准ã€? “A formal decision on whether or not this is a record is likely to be several months away,” said Jonathan Fowler, the WMO spokesman. 世界气象组织发言人乔纳森•ç¦å‹’(Jonathan Fowler)表示:“关于这是否创下纪录的正式决定可能还要等上几个月ã€?rdquo; Scientists at an Argentine research base measured a temperature of nearly 65 degrees Fahrenheit Feb. 6 on a peninsula that juts out from Antarctica toward the southern tip of South America. The previous record there was 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit in March 2015. 阿根廷一个研究基地的科学å®?æœ?日在一个从南极洲向南美洲南端突出的半岛上测量了è¿?5华氏度的温度。之前的记录æ˜?015å¹?月的63.5华氏度ã€? Last week, researchers from Brazil claimed to have measured temperatures of 20.75 degrees Celsius on an island off the peninsula — beating the record for the entire Antarctic region of 19.8 Celsius in January 1982. 上周,来自巴西的研究人员称,他们在南极半岛附近的一个小岛上测量到了20.75摄氏度的温度,打破了1982å¹?月整个南极地åŒ?9.8摄氏度的记录ã€? Fowler said both of the new measurements would need to be transmitted to Prof. Randall Cerveny, a researcher at Arizona State University who examines reported temperature records for WMO. Fowler说,这两种新的测量方法都需要转交给Randall Cerveny教授,他是亚利桑那州立大学的研究员,负责为世界气象组织检查报告的温度记录ã€? Cerveny then shares the data with a wider group of scientists who “will carefully evaluate the available evidence (including comparisons to surrounding stations) and debate the merits and problems of the observation,” said Fowler. 然后,Cerveny与更多的科学家分享数据,这些科学å®?ldquo;将仔细评估现有的证据(包括与周围站的比è¾?,并讨论观察的优点和问题ï¼?rdquo;Fowler说ã€? The evaluation normally takes six to nine months, after which Cerveny would “formally either accept or reject the potential extreme,” giving official WMO approval to the new record, he said. 他说,评估通常需è¦?åˆ?个月,之后Cervenyå°?ldquo;正式接受或拒绝可能出现的极端情况”,从而使WMO正式批准新的记录ã€? Climate change is causing the Arctic and the Antarctic to warm faster than other parts of the planet. 气候变化正导致北极和南极比地球上其他地方变暖得更快ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>被赋予“人格”的猩猩庆祝34岁生æ—?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-7804-465723-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Orangutan who was granted ‘personhood’ celebrates 34th birthday 被赋äº?ldquo;人格”的猩猩庆ç¥?4岁生æ—? A orangutan named Sandra, who was granted legal personhood by a judge in Argentina and later found a new home in Florida, celebrated her 34th birthday on Valentine’s Day with a special new primate friend. 一只名叫桑德拉的猩猩在情人节那天和一位特殊的新灵长类朋友一起庆祝了她的34岁生日。桑德拉在阿根廷被法官授予了法人资格,后来又在佛罗里达州找到了新家ã€? Patti Ragan, director of the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida, says Sandra “has adjusted beautifully to her life at the sanctuary” and has befriended Jethro, a 31-year-old male orangutan. 佛罗里达州沃丘拉的大猩猩中心主任帕蒂·æ‹‰æ ¹è¯´ï¼Œæ¡‘å¾·æ‹?ldquo;已经很好地适应了保护区的生æ´?rdquo;,并ä¸?1岁的雄性猩猩杰斯罗成为了朋友ã€? Prior to coming to Florida, Sandra had lived alone in a Buenos Aires zoo. Sandra was a bit shy when she arrived at the Florida center, which is home to 22 orangutans. 在来佛罗里达之前,桑德拉一个人住在布宜诺斯艾利斯动物园。桑德拉刚到佛罗里达中心的时候有点害羞,那里æœ?2只猩猩ã€? “Sandra appeared most interested in Jethro and our caregivers felt he was a perfect choice because of his close age, calm demeanor and gentle nature,” Ragan said in a news release. “Sandra still observes and follows Jethro from a distance while they are in the process of getting to know and trust each other. But they are living harmoniously in the same habitat spaces as they continue to gain confidence in their relationship.” “桑德拉似乎对叶忒罗最感兴趣,我们的看护者认为他是一个完美的选择,因为他年龄小,举止冷静,性情温和ã€?rdquo;Ragan在新闻发布会上说。桑德拉仍然远远地观察和跟踪叶忒罗,而他们正在互相了解和信任。但它们在相同的栖息地和谐地生活着,因为它们对彼此的关系越来越有信心ã€?rdquo; Judge Elena Liberatori’s landmark ruling in 2015 declared that Sandra is legally not an animal, but a non-human person and thus entitled to some legal rights enjoyed by people and better living conditions. 法官Elena Liberatoriåœ?015年做出了具有里程碑意义的判决,宣布Sandra在法律上不是动物,而是一个非人类的人,因此她有权利享受人类享有的一些法律权利和更好的生活条件ã€? “With that ruling I wanted to tell society something new, that animals are sentient beings and that the first right they have is our obligation to respect them,” she told The Associated Press. 她在接受美联社采访时表示:“通过这一裁决,我想告诉社会一些新的东西,即动物是有感情的生物,它们的首要权利是我们有义务尊重它们ã€?rdquo; But without a clear alternative, Sandra remained at the antiquated zoo, which closed in 2016, until leaving for the US in late September. She was in quarantine for a month at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas before arriving in Florida. 但由于没有明确的选择,桑德拉留在了这å®?016年关闭的老旧动物园,直到9月底前往美国。在抵达佛罗里达州之前,她在堪萨斯州的塞奇威克郡动物园被隔离了一个月ã€? On Friday, Sandra celebrated her birthday, complete with pink signs and wrapped packages. Jethro, who was once in the entertainment business, attended the party. 周五,桑德拉庆祝了她的生日,用粉红色的标志和包裹包裹。曾经从事娱乐工作的叶忒罗也参加了这次聚会ã€? Ragan said that Sandra and Jethro will “sit in the vicinity of each other,” but not close enough to touch. Sandra weighs 129 pounds and Jethro, 260. Ragan说桑德拉和叶忒罗ä¼?ldquo;坐在彼此的附è¿?rdquo;,但不会近到可以接触。桑德拉体重129磅,叶忒ç½?60磅ã€? “Sandra does like to watch Jethro eat,” Ragan said. “Some adult male orangutans will advance an introduction forcefully, but Jethro has been patient and calm giving Sandra more confidence in his presence.” “桑德拉喜欢看叶忒罗吃东西ï¼?rdquo;Ragan说ã€?ldquo;一些成年雄性红毛猩猩会强有力地进行介绍,但叶忒罗一直很耐心、很冷静,这让桑德拉对他的存在更有信心ã€?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>没有人知道附近的超级巨星参宿四发生了什ä¹?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-9944-465722-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Nobody knows what’s going on with nearby supergiant star Betelgeuse 没有人知道附近的超级巨星参宿四发生了什ä¹? One of the more interesting astronomy stories that came out at the tail end of 2019 was the bizarre behavior of the nearby star known as Betelgeuse. It sits somewhere between 520 and 650 light-years from Earth, and that’s extremely close in the grand scheme of things, making its behavior of particular interest to us here on Earth. åœ?019年年底出现的一个比较有趣的天文学故事是附近一颗被称为参宿四的恒星的奇异行为。它位于距离地球520åˆ?50光年之间的某个地方,这在整个宇宙中非常接近,这使它的行为在地球上引起了我们特别的兴趣ã€? Months ago, scientists alerted us to the fact that Betelgeuse is getting dimmer. This massive star is currently a red supergiant, and the fact that it appeared to be dimming hinted at a number of possible outcomes, including a possible collapse and supernova explosion. Now, with several more weeks of observations under their belt, researchers have discovered that Betelgeuse isn’t just dimming, it’s dimming in a very bizarre way. 几个月前,科学家提醒我们参宿四正在变暗。这颗巨大的恒星目前是一颗红色的超级巨星,而它似乎正在变暗的事实暗示了一些可能的结果,包括可能的坍缩和超新星爆炸。现在,经过几周的观测,研究人员发现,参宿四不仅是在变暗,而且是以一种非常奇怪的方式变暗ã€? As Phil Plait of SYFY Wire reports, high-resolution images captured by the Very Large Telescope reveal that Betelgeuse is indeed dimming … but only part of it is actually changing in brightness. Check it out: 据SYFY Wire的菲å°?middot;普莱特报道,超大望远镜捕捉到的高分辨率图像显示,参宿四确实在变暗,但实际上只有部分亮度在变化。检查一ä¸? “The red supergiant star Betelgeuse, in the constellation of Orion, has been undergoing unprecedented dimming,” the European Southern Observatory writes. “This stunning image of the star’s surface, taken with the SPHERE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope late last year, is among the first observations to come out of an observing campaign aimed at understanding why the star is becoming fainter. When compared with the image taken in January 2019, it shows how much the star has faded and how its apparent shape has changed.” 欧洲南方天文台写é?“猎户座中的红巨星参宿四正在经历前所未有的变暗ã€?rdquo;这张令人震惊的恒星表面图像是去年年底由欧洲南方天文台的超大望远镜上的球体仪器拍摄的,它是一项旨在了解恒星变得越来越暗的观测活动的首批观测结果之一。与2019å¹?月拍摄的照片相比,它显示出这颗恒星褪色了多少,以及它的外观形状发生了怎样的变化ã€?rdquo; Because only part of the star is changing in brightness, its shape appears to be altered, giving it an oblong appearance as opposed to a more uniform circular shape. So, what’s the deal? 因为这颗恒星只有一部分亮度在变化,所以它的形状似乎发生了变化,呈现出一种椭圆形,而不是更均匀的圆形。到底是怎么回事? As Plait points out, nobody can say for certain, at least not yet, but one possibility is that the supergiant star’s surface has been stained with a particularly large sunspot. Our own star gets sunspots from time to time, but they’re usually quite small. On a star like Betelgeuse, things are a lot different, and the turbulent magnetic forces at work may have produced a particularly massive sunspot that is actually making the entire star appear less bright. 正如普莱特指出的那样,没人能肯定地说,至少现在还不能,但有一种可能性是,这颗超级巨星的表面已经被一个特别大的太阳黑子污染了。我们的恒星时不时会出现太阳黑子,但它们通常都很小。在参宿四这样的恒星上,情况就大不相同了,而起作用的湍流磁力可能产生了一个特别大的太阳黑子,实际上使整个恒星看起来不那么明亮了ã€? The odds that Betelgeuse is preparing to blow its top still appear very slim, and it’s highly unlikely we’re about to witness the supergiant go full supernova anytime soon. Still, until anyone can conclusively explain what’s going on with the star, scientists will be keeping a particularly close eye on it. 参宿四准备爆炸的可能性仍然非常小,我们也不太可能在短期内看到这个超级巨星变成超新星。尽管如此,在任何人都能最终解释这颗恒星到底发生了什么之前,科学家们将特别密切地关注它ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>åœ?600万年前的恐龙化石中也发现了癌ç—?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-9944-465721-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Cancer seen in humans also found in 66-million-year-old dinosaur fossil åœ?600万年前的恐龙化石中也发现了癌ç—? A type of cancer that still afflicts humans has been found in a dinosaur fossil that was unearthed in Canada, according to experts. 据专家介绍,在加拿大出土的一块恐龙化石中发现了一种至今仍困扰人类的癌症ã€? The fossil, which was found at the Dinosaur Provincial Park in southern Alberta, is of a small hadrosaur that was “common in the world 66-80 million years ago.” It contains Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH), described as a “rare and sometimes painful disease that still afflicts humans, particularly children under the age of 10,” according to a statement from Tel Aviv University. 这具化石是在阿尔伯塔省南部的恐龙公园发现的,属于一种小型鸭嘴龙ï¼?ldquo;在距今有6å?百万åˆ?千万年前的世界很常见”。它含有朗格汉斯细胞组织细胞增多ç—?LCH),根据特拉维夫大学的一份声明,LCH被描述为“一种罕见的、有时令人痛苦的疾病,至今仍然折磨着人类,特别是10岁以下的儿童ã€?rdquo; “The micro-CT produces very high-resolution imaging, up to a few microns,” one of the study’s co-authors, Dr. Hila May, said in the statement. “We scanned the dinosaur vertebrae and created a computerized 3D reconstruction of the tumor and the blood vessels that fed it. The micro and macro analyses confirmed that it was, in fact, LCH. This is the first time this disease has been identified in a dinosaur.” “微型CT可以生成高达几微米的高分辨率图像ã€?rdquo;该研究的共同作者之一希拉·æ¢?Hila May)博士在声明中说ã€?ldquo;我们扫描了恐龙的椎骨,创建了一个计算机三维重建的肿瘤和血管喂养它。微观和宏观分析证实,它实际上是LCH。这是首次在恐龙身上发现这种疾病ã€?rdquo; The size and shape of the cavities in the fossil are what attracted the attention of the researchers, May added. 梅补充说,化石中洞的大小和形状吸引了研究人员的注意ã€? “They were extremely similar to the cavities produced by tumors associated with the rare disease LCH that still exists today in humans,” May explained. “Most of the LCH-related tumors, which can be very painful, suddenly appear in the bones of children aged 2-10 years. Thankfully, these tumors disappear without intervention in many cases.” 梅解释说:“它们与罕见的LCH相关肿瘤产生的空洞极为相似,LCH在今天的人类中仍然存在ã€?rdquo;“大多数与lch相关的肿瘤会让人非常痛苦,它们会突然出现åœ?-10岁儿童的骨骼中。值得庆幸的是,这些肿瘤在许多情况下无需干预就消失了ã€?rdquo; The discovery is surprising, not only in that the disease survived more than 60 million years, but that it is not unique to humans. 这一发现令人惊讶,不仅因为这种疾病存活了6000多万年,而且它并非人类独有ã€? “These kinds of studies, which are now possible thanks to innovative technology, make an important and interesting contribution to evolutionary medicine, a relatively new field of research that investigates the development and behavior of diseases over time,” Tel Aviv University professor Israel Hershkovitz added in the statement. “We are trying to understand why certain diseases survive evolution with an eye to deciphering what causes them in order to develop new and effective ways of treating them.” 特拉维夫大学教授伊斯雷尔·èµ«ä»€ç§‘维茨在声明中说:“这类研究对进化医学做出了重要而有趣的贡献。进化医学是一个相对较新的研究领域,研究疾病的发展和随时间变化的行为ã€?rdquo;“我们正试图理解为什么某些疾病在进化中幸存下来,并试图找出导致它们的原因,以便开发出新的有效的治疗方法ã€?rdquo; The study was published in Scientific Reports. 这项研究发表在《科学报告》上ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>千禧一代,谢谢你们让葡萄酒变得更便å®? - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-7804-465720-1.html 千禧一代最喜欢çš?个城市——你也可以选择避开它们 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-7804-465719-1.html 博物馆的伦勃朗仿制品原来是真å“?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-7804-465718-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Museum’s Rembrandt knockoff turns out to be the real thing 博物馆的伦勃朗仿制品原来是真å“? Thanks to modern technology and some expert detective work, a nearly 400-year-old painting that had long been attributed to an unknown artist in Rembrandt’s workshop has now been judged to have been a work of the Dutch master himself. 多亏了现代科技和一些专业的侦探工作,伦勃朗画室里一幅有è¿?00年历史、长期被认为出自一位无名艺术家之手的画作,现在被鉴定为是这位荷兰大师本人的作品ã€? For decades, the Allentown Art Museum displayed an oil-on-oak panel painting called “Portrait of a Young Woman” and credited it to “Studio of Rembrandt.” Two years ago, the painting was sent to New York University for conservation and cleaning. 几十年来,艾伦顿艺术博物é¦?Allentown Art Museum)展出了的一幅名为《年轻女子肖像ã€?Portrait of a Young Woman)挂在橡木板上的油画,署名“伦勃朗的画室”。两年前,这幅画被送到纽约大学保存和清洗ã€? There, conservators began removing layers of overpainting and dark, thick varnish that had been added over centuries — and they began to suspect Rembrandt himself was responsible for the original, delicate brushwork underneath. 在那里,文物保护人员开始移除几世纪以来添加的过多的油漆和深色的厚漆å±?mdash;—他们开始怀疑伦勃朗本人要对下面原始的精致的笔触负责ã€? “Our painting had numerous layers of varnish and that really obscured what you could see of the original brushwork, as well as the original color,” said Elaine Mehalakes, vice president of curatorial affairs at the Allentown Art Museum. 阿伦敦艺术博物馆(Allentown Art Museum)负责策展事务的副总裁伊莱æ?middot;迈哈雷斯(Elaine Mehalakes)说,“我们的画上有很多层清漆,这真的让你看不清原来的笔法和颜色ã€?rdquo; Conservators used a variety of tools, including X-ray, infrared and electron microscopy, to bolster the case that it was the work of one of the most important and revered artists in history. 文物保护人员使用了各种工具,包括x射线、红外线和电子显微镜,来证实这是历史上最重要、最受尊敬的艺术家之一的作品ã€? The scientific analysis “showed brushwork, and a liveliness to that brushwork, that is quite consistent with other works by Rembrandt,” said Shan Kuang, a conservator at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts who restored “Portrait of a Young Woman.” 纽约大学美术学院(New York University 's Institute of Fine Arts)修复“一位年轻女子的肖像”的管理员Shan Kuang说,科学分析“显示,这幅画的画风,以及这种画风的活泼,与伦勃朗的其他作品非常一致ã€?rdquo; Outside experts who examined the 1632 painting after the completion of its two-year restoration concurred with the NYU assessment that it’s an authentic Rembrandt. 经过两年的修复后,外部专家对这幅1632年的画作进行了研究,他们认为这幅画是伦勃朗的真迹ã€? “We’re very thrilled and excited,” Mehalakes said. “The painting has this incredible glow to it now that it just didn’t have before. You can really connect with the portrait in the way I think the artist meant you to.” “我们非常激动和兴奋ï¼?rdquo;Mehalakes说ã€?ldquo;这幅画现在有一种令人难以置信的光彩,这是它以前所没有的。你可以真正地以我认为艺术家想让你去的方式与这幅画像联系起来ã€?rdquo; When “Portrait of a Young Woman” was bequeathed to the museum in 1961, it was considered to be a Rembrandt. About a decade later, a group of experts determined that it had been painted by one of his assistants. Such changes in attribution are not unusual: Over the centuries, as many as 688 and as few as 265 paintings have been credited to the artist, according to Mehalakes. 1961年《一个年轻女人的肖像》被遗赠给博物馆时,被认定是伦勃朗的作品。大约十年后,一组专家断定这幅画是他的一位助手画的。这种归属上的改变并不罕è§?据Mehalakes说,在过去的几个世纪里,多达688幅、只æœ?65幅画被认为是这位艺术家的作品ã€? The museum has not had the painting appraised — and has no intention of selling it — but authenticated works by Rembrandt have fetched tens of millions of dollars. 博物馆还没有对这幅画进行估价,也没有出售的打算,但伦勃朗的真迹已经卖出了数千万美元ã€? The painting, currently in the museum’s vault, will go on public display starting June 7. 这幅画目前存放在博物馆的保险库里,将äº?æœ?日开始公开展出ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>科学表明,你对糖分的渴望归咎于睡眠不è¶?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-7804-465717-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Blame your sugar cravings on lack of sleep, science says 科学表明,你对糖分的渴望归咎于睡眠不è¶? Next time you catch yourself polishing off a sleeve of cookies before bed, try skipping the snack and hitting the hay earlier. 下次你发现自己在睡前擦干一袖饼干时,试着不吃零食,早点上床睡觉ã€? A new study published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association reveals a link between sleep deprivation and high-calorie food cravings, particularly in women. The survey of nearly 500 women between the ages of 20 and 76 found that those who reported poor sleep quality or a lack of sleep also consumed more foods high in added sugars, saturated fats and caffeine. 今天发表在《美国心脏协会杂志》上的一项新研究,揭示了睡眠不足和对高热量食物的渴望之间的联系,尤其是对女性而言。这项对è¿?00名年龄在20岁至76岁之间的女性进行的调查发现,那些报告睡眠质量差或睡眠不足的女性摄入的高添加糖、饱和脂肪和咖啡因的食物也更多ã€? Researchers warn that women are already at high risk for obesity and sleep disorders — both causes and results of calorific food intake. Foods associated with added sugars and fats are also linked to Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 研究人员警告说,女性已经处于患肥胖症和睡眠障碍的高风险ä¸?mdash;—这两种疾病都是高热量食物摄入的原因和结果。与添加糖和脂肪有关的食物也ä¸?型糖尿病和心脏病有关ã€? “In our modern society, we oftentimes work late, we eat our meals late and sometimes sleep is kind of put by the wayside in terms of how important it is to our overall healthy lifestyle,” senior study author Dr. Brooke Aggarwal, assistant professor of medical sciences at Columbia University, told CNN. “Our study really highlights the importance of good, quality sleep for the management of body weight as well as potentially preventing heart disease among women.” “在现代社ä¼?我们经常工作到很æ™?我们吃晚吃饭,有时睡眠是一种把半途而废的整体健康生活方式有多么重要,”布鲁克Aggarwal博士研究高级作è€?哥伦比亚大学医学科学助理教授告诉CNNã€?ldquo;我们的研究确实强调了良好、高质量的睡眠对于控制体重以及预防女性心脏病的重要性ã€?rdquo; According to their self-reported responses, 30 percent of the women involved in the study slept fewer than seven hours per night (eight is recommended) and nearly 25 percent said the same but also suffered from insomnia. Average sleep time among the entire cohort was fewer than seven hours. 根据她们的自我反馈,参与研究的女性中æœ?0%的人每晚睡眠少于7小时(建议ç?小时),近25%的人也有同样的情况,但也有失眠的问题。整个研究对象的平均睡眠时间不到7小时ã€? Those women, in turn, ate an additional 500 to 800 calories on average, as well as exceeded daily dietary recommendations for saturated fats, added sugars and caffeine. They also failed to meet the mark when it came to healthy foods, such as grains and fiber. 这些女性平均多摄入äº?00åˆ?00卡路里的热量,并且超出了饱和脂肪、添加糖和咖啡因的每日饮食推荐量。在谷物和纤维等健康食品方面,他们也没有达到标准ã€? Previous studies have found that sleep deprivation may suppress the hormones that regulate food intake and tell us we are full and satisfied. 之前的研究发现,睡眠不足可能会抑制调节食物摄入的激素,让我们感到饱足和满足ã€? “It’s previously been shown that when we are sleep deprived, or we don’t get good quality sleep, our hormones can actually stimulate hunger,” Aggarwal said. “The ones that regulate suppression of hunger and fullness and satiety can be off-balance.” 阿加瓦尔è¯?“此前有研究表明,当我们睡眠不足或睡眠质量不好时,我们体内的荷尔蒙会刺激我们产生饥饿感ã€?rdquo;“那些调节饥饿、饱足感和饱足感的神经递质可能会失衡ã€?rdquo; Aggarwal also notes that eating junk food is known to disrupt sleep, so it’s a self-perpetuating cycle. She suggests practicing “good sleep hygiene,” such as going to bed at the same time every night, turning off all devices and setting your bedroom to a cool, comfortable temperature. 阿加瓦尔还指出,众所周知,吃垃圾食品会扰乱睡眠,所以这是一个自我延续的循环。她建议养成“良好的睡眠卫生习æƒ?rdquo;,比如每晚在同一时间上床睡觉,关掉所有设备,把卧室温度调到凉爽舒适的温度ã€? But if you absolutely must squeeze in a late-night bite, try reaching for a sleep-boosting snack, such as pistachios and a glass of red wine, which supports the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. 但是,如果你真的必须在深夜吃点东西,那就试着吃点能促进睡眠的小吃,比如开心果和一杯红酒,它们能促进睡眠荷尔蒙褪黑激素的分泌ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>NASA揭示äº?0亿英里外的地球超现实照片 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-9944-465716-1.html 给你的孩子要求一份健康的零食是作为父母到头号小事 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-7804-465715-1.html 世卫组织知道胰岛素太贵了。它计划如何压低价格 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-500-465714-1.html 里昂夜读英语美文 [390]:多么美妙的世ç•?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-10244-465128-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  What A Wonderful World -- Bob Thiele & George David Weiss 多么美妙的世ç•?-鲍勃·æ³°å°”æ–?amp;乔治·å¤§å«·ç»´æ–¯     I see trees of green red roses too 我看见绿树和红玫ç‘? I see them bloom for me and you 我看见他们为你我开æ”? And I think to myself what a wonderful world 我情不自禁地想到,这是一个多么美妙的世界 I see skies of blue and clouds of white 我看见蓝天和白云 The bright blessed day the dark sacred night 明亮而幸运的白天,深邃而深沉的夜晚 And I think to myself what a wonderful world 我情不自禁地想到,这是一个多么美妙的世界 The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky 天上的彩虹的颜色如此美丽 Are also on the faces of people going by 照映在过往人们的脸ä¸? I see friends shaking hands saying "How do you do" 我看见朋友们握手问好 They're really saying "I love you" 他们在说:我爱你ï¼? I hear babies cry, I watch them grow 我听见婴儿哭泣,看着他们长大 They'll learn much more than I'll ever know 他们学到的东西将远胜于我 And I think to myself what a wonderful world 我情不自禁地想到,这是一个多么美妙的世界 Yes, I think to myself what a wonderful world 我情不自禁地想到,这是一个多么美妙的世界     英语美文 ]]></description> </item><item><title>里昂夜读英语美文 [391]:永不言å¼?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-10244-465129-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  You Will Never See Me Fall -- Joyce Alcantara 永不言å¼?-乔伊æ–?middot;阿尔坎塔æ‹?     You may see me struggle, but you won't see me fall. 也许会彷徨失措但是我绝不放弃ã€? Regardless if I'm weak or not, I'm going to stand tall. 羸弱与否,我都昂首而立ã€? Everyone says life is easy, but truly living it is not. 人人都说生活很容易,走过一遭并非如此ã€? Times get hard, people struggle and constantly get put on the spot. 日子难过了,众生也就无措了,屡陷入水深火热之中ã€? I'm going to wear the biggest smile, even though I want to cry. 而我会冁然而笑,哪怕鼻头酸楚ã€? I'm going to fight to live, even though I'm destined to die. 我会拼尽全力,哪怕粉身碎骨ã€? And even though it's hard and I may struggle through it all, you may see me struggle, but you will NEVER see me fall. 我还会披荆斩棘,哪怕遍体鳞伤,也许会彷徨失措,但我绝不言弃ã€?     英语美文 ]]></description> </item><item><title>卡卡课堂 835 过度的自我怀疑只会阻碍你人生的进æ­?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-9961-465191-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[每天早上,我都会花不到半个小时的时间回想昨天的事情以及安排今天要做的工作或是其他事情ã€? 一天下来,当我看到自己安排的事情都完成后,内心的成就感简直爆棚。那种感觉就æ˜?ldquo;一切尽在我掌控ä¸?rdquo;的感觉ã€? 但有的时候,也会有一些突发情况,或是安排的事情完全不像自己预料的那样容易处理,导致这一天的自己都有些焦头烂额ã€? 我的生活,就是反反复复存在着这两种互相交替的感觉。说实话ï¼?ldquo;一切尽在我掌控ä¸?rdquo;的感觉真的是很爽,而这种焦头烂额的感觉确实有时也会给我带来一时的焦虑,甚至有时会不停的怀疑自己ã€? 但如果将时间轴拉长,把自己放在一个更长的时间维度上,你会发现,正是这种交替状态,才能让你一天天成长起来ã€?   所以一天之内或是几天之内,甚至一段时间的挫败,都不足以让你的世界崩塌,真正让你的世界崩塌的,是你怀疑否定自我的那一刻ã€? 这种消极的心理暗示,只有一个词来形容就是:toxic。它不仅有毒,而且致命,这种消极的感觉只会不断阻挡你的前行,限制你的想象力和行动力ã€? 学习英语,亦是如此。在我们练习和学习的过程中,不能因为一两天练习的效果不理想,就彻底进行自我否定和怀疑,只要将时间轴拉长,你必定能感到你的进步ã€? You'll go through days where you think you have everything under control and you'll go through days where you have no idea what you're doing. Don't let one bad day get you down. Self-doubt is toxic and doesn't get you anywhere. It does nothing but hinder your progress. 翻译 你会经历那些你认为一切都在掌控之中的日子,也会经历那些你不知道自己在做什么的日子。别让糟糕的一天让你失望。自我怀疑是有毒的,并不能使你到达任何地方。它只会阻碍你的进步ã€? 想知道卡卡老师的发音秘诀?关注微信公众å?卡卡课堂 英语口语 ]]></description> </item><item><title>卡卡课堂 834 来学一首冰雪奇缘的超燃主题æ›?Let It Go - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-9961-465190-1.html 为什么天文数字的药品价格不利于健康和利润 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-500-465713-1.html 新视野大学英语听åŠ?你还记得那些美好时光å? - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-242-465706-1.html 通用少儿英语口语的提升方法是什ä¹?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-242-465705-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[通用少儿英语口语的提升方法是什ä¹? 描述:现在英语学习已经开始从娃娃抓起,小朋友们在幼儿园就开始接触简单的英语词汇,更有很多家长为小朋友们报名少儿英语培训班。想要在这个阶段喜欢上说英语,并锻炼口语能力,那通用少儿英语口语的提升方法是什么呢? 现在英语学习已经开始从娃娃抓起,小朋友们在幼儿园就开始接触简单的英语词汇,更有很多家长为小朋友们报名少儿英语培训班。想要在这个阶段喜欢上说英语,并锻炼口语能力,那通用少儿英语口语的提升方法是什么呢? 通用少儿英语口语 少儿英语启蒙的重要æ€? 听力课堂表示说起英语启蒙,家里有孩子的家长一定深有体会,有很多孩子甚至在没出生的时候就开始学英语了,那时候学的英语叫做胎教。少儿英语外教一直都认为英语启蒙确实是非常重要的,但也要讲究方法ã€? 少儿英语启蒙的重要性主要体现在以下这几个方é? 1、对于形成正确的英语表达有好å¤? 听力课堂认为少儿英语启蒙通常是在孩子年龄很小的时候就接触英语了,一般是2-3岁,这个时期的小朋友无论是对于汉语还是英语都是处于大量的输入阶段。如果让您的孩子在这个时期接触英语,非常有利于孩子形成正确的英语表达,因为他们学第二语言的时候受母语影响极小,更容易有所收获ã€? 2、养成纯正的英语发音 我们这一代人学习哑巴英语的较多,这跟我们学英语晚是很有关系的。当你的母语已经很流利,声带发育已经完善并养成了汉语式的发音习惯,你再来学英语的话就会比较困难。少儿时期需要找纯正的英语母语外教教他们学英语,一旦他们接触了正确的英语发音,就能跟着模仿,学起来也就比较快ã€? 3、激发学习兴è¶? 我们很多人刚开始学英语的时候其实都是有兴趣的,不过经过了长时间的应试消磨了这些学习兴趣。少儿英语学习没什么压力,学英语就是为了培养学习兴趣,不管是做英语小游戏,还是学唱英语儿歌,英语对他们来说都是新奇的、有趣的。从另一个方面来说,少儿时期接触英语可以帮助他们大胆说,这对练习口语很重要ã€? 少儿英语口语提高方法 1、尽可能多的练习 俗话说熟能生巧,练习也许不会让你变得完美,但它会让你变得更好ã€? 2、尽量多听英语,最好多听英语为母语的人è¯? 3、尽快使用新词汇 让词汇量“活跃”是提高口语的一个非常重要的部分。孩子当天在学校学习到的新词,课后家长可以引导孩子活学活用ã€? 4、和不同的人交谈 如果可以,它将提高你的口语。每个人说话的方式都略有不同,所以和不同口音、不同说话风格的人交谈会对你有所帮助ã€? 5、请朋友纠正ä½? 如果你有一个会说英语的好朋友,大胆的让他纠正你。越多用正确的发音,语感也会越好ã€? 6、尝试不同的语境 在不同的场合使用英语。例如,购物、问路、一般会话,打电话的时候,等等ã€? 7、报一个少儿英语班 挑选采用全浸入式英语教学环境,丰富的教学形式和主题活动,让孩子们在轻松快乐的英语环境中学习。如果你做不到这一点,那就加入任何可以用英语交谈的社团或英语角ã€? 通用少儿英语口语 在小朋友们学习能力和语言发育能力最强的阶段对他们进行正确的有计划的能力提升是很重要的。通用少儿英语口语锻炼方法已在上述内容中列出,希望每个小朋友都能找到适合自己的学习方法,让英语口学习更加高效ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>实用商务英语口语评分标准怎么样,考试内容分为几个方面å‘? - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-242-465701-1.html 人教版高二英语听åŠ?这些细节你要提前知道 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-242-465700-1.html 六级听力答案 看看你过关了å? - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-242-465699-1.html 高中英语听力的开始技巧和日常练习 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-187-465698-1.html 高一英语听力的系统学习方æ³?/title> <link>http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-187-465697-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[高一英语听力的系统学习方æ³? 高一英语听力作为整个高中英语学习的基础十分重要,听力的好坏影响英语学习中其他环节的吸收,听不懂自然没有记忆,也不容易产生学习的兴趣。那么,一个系统的学习方法变得很有必要ã€? 一、要提高听力,首先要重视课堂听讲 如听懂老师的课堂英语讲解,并且努力完成老师对听力的要求和练习。在高一英语听力采用的听力课堂训练材料,一般分为四个方面的练习ï¼? (1)单句练习:听一遍句子后,迅速从书面选择中找出同所听句子意思相近的答案。其主要目的是培养通过听来理解句子的意思ã€? (2)日常用语:听了日常用语后,从书面选择中找出恰当的答语。这个练习主要培养在口语中交际运用的能力ã€? (3)对话练习:听到对话后,对其内容、情景、场合等作出判断,找出正确答案ã€? (4)短文听力理解:在听的过程中,迅速理解主要内容,找出正确答案ã€? 高一英语听力 二、选用听力课堂的系统听力材料要由浅入深 听这类材料要精听,遇到困难的语音、词、句可以停下录音机,把磁带倒回重听,直到把全部内容听懂理解为止;除此之外,还应选用一些其他辅助听力材料,最好内容不要超出所学词汇和语法范围,由浅入深,循序渐进。听的过程中不必停顿,听懂大意就行。这类泛听材料可以广泛一些,文章、故事、对话、采访、报告等等,凡是适合自己听力水平的材料均可用来泛听ã€? 无论听哪种材料,听之前最好不要先看文字材æ–?练习除外),应先把听力课堂的录音内容听一遍,了解大意,听的时候要集中精力,大脑的反应要尽量跟上录音速度ã€? 高一英语听力 三、听的过程中常会遇的情问é¢? 有些词听上去很熟,但一下子想不起是什么意思,或者有些词听上去很陌生。这时不要停下来去想,否则会影响听下面的内容。在有问题时可回想一下,看是否能从上下文推测出其含义。再者,不必把每个词都要弄个清清楚楚,有些并不影响理解的词可以忽略。另外,不要听一句,脑子里翻译一句,要尽量做到思维跟上录音材料的速度,听得懂材料里说了些什么,目的也就达到了。对于那些只有听一次机会的听力内容,如电视、广播的英语节目,一开始可能听不懂什么,要坚持听,只要听个大概也就行了ã€? 以上三点是对于适合高一英语听力的解答,希望同学们都能严格遵照实行,这是提升高一英语听力快速有效的办法,对于日后的高中英语学习也能打下很好的基础ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>大学英语听力如何学习效果更好 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-242-465696-1.html 大学英语精读的课程体系和课程目标 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-242-465695-1.html 初中英语听力的重要性和提升方法 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-8400-465694-1.html CNN News: 新型蛋白质粉 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-10266-465693-1.html CNN News: 泰坦尼克号残骸腐蚀严重 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-10266-465692-1.html 商务英语口语考试分几部分 有什么注意的 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-564-465690-1.html 商务英语口语对话有哪些方面,为你分享3个情景对话内容! - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-564-465689-1.html 商务英语口语900句,想做商务的这些一定要知道 - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-564-465688-1.html 朋友们还在从事商务工作吗?那商务英语口语还不学起来? - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-564-465687-1.html 如何学英语口语?怎样提高自己的英语口语水å¹? - ÂüÁª¶Ô°ÍÈø http://www.klcide.com.cn/show-564-465686-1.html